Normand Chartier: Booklist

Devin and Goliath, Mary Blount Christian, 1974
Tigers, William Durr, 1974
Jinx Glove, Matt Christopher, 1975
What Was That!, Geda Bradley Matthews, 1975
Who Am I?, Children’s Television Workshop, 1978
Little Brown Bear Loses His Clothes, Eliz. Upham, 1978
Donkey Ysabel, Dorothy O. VanWoerkom, 1978
Big Bird’s Rhyming Book, C.T.W., 1979
The Many Faces of Ernie, Judy Freudberg, 1979
The Sesame St. Pet Show, Emily Perl Kingsley, 1979
Gryselda’s New Year, Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, 1979
Amazing Mumford Forgets the Magic Words, 1979
The Great Ringtail Garbage Caper, Timothy Foote, 1980
All About Bones, Jocelyn Stevenson, 1980
Oscar’s Rotten Birthday, Dan Elliot, 1981
Grover Goes to School, Dan Elliot, 1982
Time For Bed Sleepy Heads, Chartier, 1983
The Songs of Sesame Street, Jeffrey Moss & others, 1983
All Aboard the Goodnight Train, S. Calmenson, 1984
Bartholomew The Bossy, M. W. Sharmat, 1984
Grover Learns To Read, Dan Elliot, 1985
Jingle Bells, Chartier, 1986
January Brings the Snow, Sara Coloridge, 1987
Where Is My Skate?, Deborah Hautzig, 1987
Pack 109, Mike Thaler, 1988
What’s So Funny, Joanne Barkan, 1989
Grover’s Lucky Jacket, Deborah Hautzig, 1989
Happy Mother’s Day, Deborah Hautzig, 1989
Jingle Bells, Chubby Board Book, 1989
Keep Looking, Millicent Selsam & Joyce Hunt, 1989
Silly Fred, Karen Wagner, 1989
All Stuck Up, Linda Hayward, 1990
A,B,C Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1990
All Mine Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1990
Night, Night, Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1990
Oh, Oh, Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1990
One, Two, Three, Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1990
Red, Yellow, Blue, Bunny,
Kennedy & Kobobel, 1990
Over the River & Thro’ the Woods, Chartier, 1990
McCrephy’s Field, Christopher & Lynne Myers, 1991
Cassandra Who?, Iris Hiskey, 1992
Boris the Boring Boar, Ellen Jackson, 1992
No, No, Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1992
So Mad Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1992
Big Brother Bunny, Kennedy & Kobobel, 1992
Open Sesame, Anna Ross, 1992
All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go, Joseph & Mendel1993
This Way Home, Lisa Westberg Peters, 1994
Do You See Mouse?, Marion Crume, 1995
Best Birthday Mole Ever Had, Fay Robinson, 1995
Ernie & Bert’s Flashlight Adventure, C.T.W., 1995
A Mouse in Solomon’s House, Mack Thomas, 1995
A BIG HELP at the Fix-it Shop, D.C. Abbott, 1996
Friends At The End, Alvin Granowski, 1996
Gertie’s Not Alone, Chartier, 1996
Night Letters, Palmyra Lomonaco, 1996
Hungry Little Puppies (Poky Puppy), Talkington, 1998
One Snowy Eve (Poky Puppy), Talkington, 1998
The Squeaky Barn (Poky Puppy), Talkington, 1998
The Poky Little Puppy, Down on the Farm, Golden Books 1998
The Poky Little Puppy, Follow That Nose, Golden Books 1999
Prairie Dogs Kiss & Lobsters Wave, Marilyn Singer, 1998
Let’s Go to the Fun Park, Shana Corey, 1999
Two Can Share, Too, Janelle Cherrington, 1999
Brought to you by the LETTER C, Sarah Albee, 2000
Elmo’s Ducky Day, Sarah Albee, 2000
To Grandmother’s House, CTW wordless book, 2000
Come Play with Me, Nell Wynn-Thomas, 2001
Easter Bunny’s Amazing Egg Machine, Wendy Cheyette Lewison, 2002
Gullywasher Gulch, Marianne Mitchell, 2002
Till the Cows Come Home, Jodi Icenoggle, 2004
Maine Marmalade, Ethel Pochocki, 2004
MY MAINE, The Coastal Watercolors of Normand Chartier, 2005



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